I can't believe it is Sunday evening again and I am thinking about the working week ahead. Where did the weekend go?
I have spent this weekend mainly in the company of Major Charles Doyle and Samuel Thompson and researching London in the late Victorian/start of the Edwardian era. It's amazing what you find out, and I absolutely love all the fact finding, but then you look at your watch, and hey ho, it's getting dark and its time for tea.
And still the ironing is looking at me.
The list of everything I want to do grows longer by the day, and the hours get shorter and shorter. Have I entered into some parrallel universe, or do all writers feel like this?
Hopefully not doing as much travelling this week, so will have some 'me' time during the week.
Chicken in the oven and starting to smell delicious. The boys (man and dog) are out on their fnal walk of the day and I think I deserve a large glass of red ...before I start the ironing lol.
Well happy reading and writing folks and I hope you enjoy your Sunday night.
Here's to a good week ahead!
Cheers x
Hi All. Well after a lay in this morning I think I am almost restored from my week of stress lol.
The day has just flown by  with a mixture of a few jobs, fiddling (technical term), and faffing (another technical term)with the website, a bit of writing (Part 3 of the Charles Doyle serial) and  sorting out todays offering. It's now nearly 6 and I only seem to have been sat here for a few hours, but it must be more than 5 at least! Hey Ho time really does fly when you are having fun and doing things you enjoy.
I am trying not to look the pile of ironing in the eye -not until tomorrow anyway :-(
The dog has been very fidgety and needy today, wanting lots of attention and cuddles. Bless him! He is a bit sad as he has to wear his plastic lampshade head piece to stop him biting a poorly paw.
I hope you like the new story today, a short short by the lovely That Omega Kid.

And don't forget, just over a week to submit entries for the short story competition.

See you all tomorrow, have a great Saturday night.
One Sad Dog!!
Hi Peeps! Well thank Cruchie it's Friday as I used to say pre diet days.
What a week it has been, hotels and trains have stressed me out  but I have survived I think more or less in tact, to return once more to the keyboard for another few days of story telling.
Hope your week has been better than mine (ha ha) and that you enjoy this weekends dose of short tales.
Catch up tomorrow my lovlies, my glass of red awaits :-)
Golly, today has just flown. I have been sat at the laptop since 10:00 am finishing Part 2 of Charles Doyle and the case of the Midnight Terror. I think writing the poem and making the ilustrations took me as long as writing the piece lol.
well I hope it adds a little somethig to the story. I will have to think of more creative ideas for Part 3, coming next Sunday.
I have walked the dog today and so had some exercise (to go with the healthy Quorn bacon lol).
Back on my travels tomorrow. Hoping to write another short story as well as Part 3 during the week. Is Mr Doyle taking over my life at the moment? I think he might be. Ha Ha.
bath and bed for me now.
Hope you have all had a nice weekend and speak soon Peeps.
Sweet Dreams x
Well, that's my breakfast over with. Include scrambled eggs with chilli and a pint of orange and blueberry smoothie, oh and a coffee lol. At least I am well set up for a day of writing and stuff (stuff=things too wide and numerous to mention).
The washng is nearly done, breakfast things cleared and washed and put away. And that now leaves the rest of the day for me. Whooppee. I love weekends.
Am knuckling down to finish the second installment of Charles Doyle and the Case of the Midnight Terror and am then venturing into the world of e-books.
Am thinking of putting some older stories (now no longer on the website) into an e-book volume and offering for sale on the website?? See how it goes. All monies received will help build this up into a better website.
Raining outside and very cold today. Heating full on plus hot water bottle (what a wimp!).
Had a nice week though. Was Andy's 50th birthday on Tuesday -had a great meal at the 6 restaurant at the Baltic -they have a great offer on for the whole of January - so check out if you are in the Newcastle area.
Also, my sister bought me a Kindle, just out of the blue, what a lovely suprise
Hope you like this weekends new stories and thank you all for your continued readership.
Have a lovely weekend. Keep cosy x
Hello Peeps. A bit late tonight. I have been working all day on my latest venture -a new Penny Dreadful for you in the form of 'Charles Doyle and the Case of the Midnight Terror' -you can read the first part tonight. There is so much about Sherlock Holmes and Dickens about at the moment that I thought i would try and pay a humble homage of my own. I have wanted to write a weekly serialisation for sometimes so I thought why not! Well, we will see how it pans out over the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.
To bed now me thinks.
Hope the week ahead promises good things.
Night all.......x
Blimey. Talk about freezing! Had to get the long johns out this morning. And you think i'm joking.

Not a bad day so far. Managed to have a lie in until 8:15, cup of tea and chocolate in bed (and it's not even my birthday!).
Managed to do all housework this morning, including shopping (I hope I am not boring you?) leaving some time to actually write this afternoon, albeit with cold fingers.
Outside the sky is magnificent, it's a kind of light duck egg blue tipped with sea green, amazing stuff. Inside the fire is on and crackling with dog asleep in front. My kind of day.
New author today -Moira McDermott so I hope you enjoy her tale and this scene from days gone by. Let us know what you think. Hopefully we will hear more from her in the future.

Have a lovely Saturday, but whatever you do, keep warm Peeps....x
The weekend that is (she states whilst whooping round the lounge and dancing a jig). Yes it's time to throw open a bottle of red and set the curry away.
Little things make me happy :-)
Lovely new story tonight -it's aimed at kids, but good for us all to read  -  'Scare a Bear', by Pete Donald.
Further stories on Saturday and Sunday too.
Writing and ironing for me and I am quite looking forward to it (the writing bit anyway).

Hope you all have a great weekend and see you all tomorrow Peeps x
Not that I am desperate for the weekend or anything lol, but I am looking forward to at least a lie in. Been 05:30 starts all of this week, lots of troubles with transport, especially trains. Been stuck on one in a tunnel for 2 hours this week, then someone threw a brick at another train in Leeds and smashed the window. Happy commuting !

Tomorrow will see the start of this weeks new story offerings and I have three great new ones to share with you this weekend, starting tomorrow-so don't forget to tune in folks.

Entries have been coming in all week for the short story competition, entries are of a very high quality -so good luck to everyone entering. Don't forget closing date is 05.02.12 and some great prizes to be won, so get writing Peeps!

Not managed to write much myself this week, but hoping to get cracking a bit more this weekend, and hopefully an unveiling of my new venture next week or so.

Until then, early night for me my lovlies, so until tomorrow....x
Hi Peeps,
Still sat at the keyboard trying to write. It's a new piece I am working on, something a bit diferent for me and I am finding it hard to settle in to. I think the full moon tomorrow doesn't help me much either! Hooowwwlll. I always get restless just before the start of a really creative period so I don't mind really. My mind is flitting from on thing to another and not focussing to the task at hand. ho hum, am sure I will get there anyway.
I hope to be sharing my new work with you in the next few weeks so stay posted.
New story today by the lovely John Ritchie, it's rather a dark piece and i hope you enjoy.
Well, I better look as though i am trying to write.

Until next time, Dear Readers ......x