Ha Ha. Fat chance that I will get any. Maybe a Lemsip or 2?
Just been updating the website to add an Amazon.co.uk widget. I don't want tons of advertising on this site, that is not what it is set up to do, but if I can generate a bit of extra cash, then I can pay authors for more submissions and run bigger and better competitions. That's the theory anyway, so if you do shop at Amazon, try and enter through the widget on either the 'Home' page or the 'Submissions' page and we will see how it goes!
I have a new story that  I just have to finish off and that will be ready for the weekend. Also had a couple of new ideas just through conversations with friends. It's amazing where inspiration comes from.
I have sent out the feedback to all the entrants of the recent short story competition and I have received some lovely emails back, so a big thank you for those. It is always difficult giving feedback on creative writing, it is so subjective and I always try and emphasise that.
Looking to launch a new, bigger competition for the 1st anniversary of 5minutefiction.co.uk coming up in June -so watch out for that one.
Well, it's been a sneezy start to the week, things can only get better.
Hope you have a good o
Good day to you all,
Well yesterday  I actually had a day off from writing. Probably the first free day of doing absolutely nothing  with writing since November. Just like the poor old pit ponies I was allowed one day off into the sunshine lol.
Had a really nice day -went to Tynemouth flea market (the one in the metro station) I love that place. Then had a delicious brunch in the lovely Porters cafe. Had a browse and bought a few items (!).
Then last night went to the Theatre Royale to see RSC Taming of the Shrew. Very good indeed.
And today, back on the writing (I love it really). Another great story from the smashing Mr Ritchie. I hope you enjoy.
I have a cold today so may have to lie down later and be waited on ;-)
Hope you all have a lovely Sunday.
Happy writing and reading folks x
Hello Sweeties! (lol)
You know the feeling when you just want to go arrrrgghhh. Well, i just want to go aaaarggghhh. See. I just did.
It has definitely been that kind of week and I am absolutely 'done in'. Does that sound dramatic? Ha Ha.
Well, I am tired and glad it's Friday. Looking forward to a nice dinner and a small glass of something restorative.Just looking out of my window as I type and the sky looks beautiful, a deep sea green with a small crescent moon and just one lonely star.
The silhouettes of tree's are dimming into the background adn all seems calm.

It's funny when you  haven't had much time to stand and stare, and then you suddenly take a few minutes to look around you, how it puts things back into perspective.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and do take some time to 'stand and stare', because it's the little things that make up this life of ours.

Hope you enjoy the new story today -big welcome to Alison Swan. hope we hear more from her in the future.
Speak soon x
Hello Peeps,
Golly I am in need of a nap and may have an hour lie down after this blog. It's amazing how tiring writing can be at times-all that mental energy. Something like that anyway.
At last i have finished the final part of the Charles Doyle serial. I hope you enjoyed it ? it was an experiment at something different and although i set myself a tight deadline - to produce an episode a week from scratch -it was great at making me write. Will probably go and re-write some of it and try and package it as one story. maybe as an e-book sometime??
I am getting quite a lot of new submissions in for publication onto the website -I will try and get back to everyone who sends me something, and I still have to send out the judges comments to all of our short story entrants -I will try and do this over the coming week.
Well I hope you are having a lovely Sunday and prepared for the week ahead
I am off for a cup of tea  and a bit of chocolate.
I think I'm worth it lol.

Speak soon x
Hello Everyone,
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend? I must say, it was rather marvellous to stay in bed a bit this morning. I say 'a bit'. I actually stayed in bed until 10 of the clock. Ha Ha.
I was awake from about 8 and brought tea and chocolate in bed (essential for a weekend) and faffed around on Twitter and emails etc for a couple of hours. It's great to just have the time to catch up on 'stuff'.
Spent most of the (rest of the) morning doing house type jobs and then took Os (the dog) for a walk down to Stephenson's Cottage (birthplace George Stephenson -Rocket Man (not Elton)) and back along the river. What a lovely day it is. I noticed lots of daffodills coming up and lots and lots of lovely little snowdrops. They always make me smile -i thought these were magical when I was a little girl.
Then back to the desk for writing and reading short story submissions and updating the site, and somehow it's 16:30 already.
Me suspects there is a time thief about here somewhere??
I do hope you like this weeks offerings. Last part of the Charles Doyle serial tomorrow evening -i hope you tune in for that-I am so excited and can't wait to see how it all ends :-)))
Well, enjoy the rest of the day and hopefully we will meet tomorrow -same place Peeps
Morning All,
Congratulations to our three winners of the Valentines short story competition.The winning entries are now available on the website. I hope you enjoy reading them.
The standard was extremely high, and the judging was difficult and so if you didn't win, don't feel too bad. We will be running another competition shortly so watch this space.I will try and get back to all entrants with the judges comments over the next few weeks.
Remember -you can also submit a story under the 'submissions' guidelines-£10 Amazon voucher for each story published
Well, have a great day -hope it is a lovely, romantic one for you.
As the Beatles said -'The love you take is equal to the love you make'..............
Evening all,
Hope you are having a lovely Saturday. Have been very busy here, finishing off the 5th installment of the Charles Doyle serial -to be published tomorrow evening and setting up todays story.
Tomorrow is the final judging of the short story competition. Winners will be notified tomorrow evening and the three winning entries will go live in our 'loved up' Valentines edition on February 14th.Lookinf for new submissions peeps-so if you like to write-check out our submissions page for details.
Dog and man asleep by the fire and very quiet here-perfect for writing. The glass of red will have to wait until tomorrow -when I have finished thinking for the weekend!
Ha Ha
Onwards and onwards my dear friends.
Until tomorrow..........x
Evening Peeps,
I paint a lovely picture don't I lol.
The short story competition is now closed. Thank you to everyone who has entered. Just been reading through the entries for the judging and there are some great stories. A few brought a tear to my eye (sentimental old fool that I am).
Anyway, just wanted to say hello. Or should that be goodnight?
Speak soon and sweet dreams x
Afternoon all.
Well, I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but yesterday here it was freezing and snow,ing and today it has warmed up again and almost Spring like. I wish it would make up its mind. I was just looking forward to getting my sledge out...
Given half a chance I would anyway. I have just finished Part 4 of the Charles Doyle serial and will publishing that before tea. My  lovely other half is making a cottage pie -a cottage pie with Quorn. No, don't laugh, it is quite delicious and healthy and i vowed i would have a meat free weekend.
So, thanks to Quorn (no I am not on commission lol) I have enjoyed (and I do mean enjoyed) bacon and tomato panninis and a beef and mustard sandwich, all meat free. It's the way forward....
Anyway, back to writing things. Entries for the short story competition continue to arrive so I will be sorting out those ready for the judges next week, plus, at long last I managed to get the second  5minutefiction newsletter out.
If you don't already subscribe to the newsletter you can download it from the website under the 'News' tab.
I am also going to be putting up new submission guidelines later tonight-so if you are a writer watch out for that too.

Feel exhausted after al that haha.

Maybe I deserve just one glass of red with my Quorn (not pretend alcohol tho)

Cheers my luvvlies. Have a wonderful Sunday evening and I hope this week is ind to you.
Happy reading and writing....x

They keep forecasting it but it has yet to appear. I like a bit of snow so i hope we get some. it will give me a good excuse for staring out of the window (as if i need one!)
Well, here I am again Peeps, sat at my keboard on a literary journey, wondering where this weekend is going to take me.
As long as it is somewhere warm I don't really mind .
Short story competition deadline Sunday, so I am busy sorting  through the entries. We have had a great response and the standards are really high so it is going to be a difficult call.
Good luck to everyone who enters.
A few new announcements tomorrow so watch this space - hopefully I will get a newsletter out too to all who have suscribed.
Have a great weekend, whatever you do.
Speak tomorrow...x