Wow. What a week. I know I have been a bit quiet but I have been really busy.
I am very proud, especially for all of the authors involved, to launch our very own e-book today on Amazon. There will be a 'SHOP' page available on the website later today and you can follow the link there.
Priced at just £1.54, it contains 18 Great Short Love Stories, the best from our recent Valentine's 2012 competition.
Royalties are split between the authors with a small percentage going to the website to help with ongoing costs (competition prizes, submission awards), so I do hope you can support us, as well as getting 18 truly amazing reads.
Don't forget to leave us feedback too.
We also have a new story published today, 'Skulduggery at Kensington Mansions' By Sylvia Lumley. It was written especially for the website so I hope you enjoy.
I have more news which I hope to add to the newsletter and make available this weekend (I will try honest !)
More new stories and authors over the weekend, so continue to check in, and thank you for you continued support, it does make it all worth while.
Happy Days...x
Well, blimey moses, it's Friday evening, well almost and it's story time again. Hope you enjoy tonights offering, the second by the lovely Christine Ashby.
Been busy all week-I don't know where it has gone. I have been sorting the 1st birthday competition entries that are coming in thick and fast-so looking forward to receiving yours.
Should have another newsletter coming out next week too so watch out for that.
I have been very prolific myself this week, writing 5 short stories. These are still all in draft form and in need of editing, but it is a good start and I am rather pleased with myself.
I am also rather pleased that I have managed to keep up my new keep-fit regime all week, just need to eat a bit less now lol
The weather forecast for this weekend in the North East is glorious - 18 degrees tomorrow I believe, so looking forward to pottering about in the garden for a bit.
Hope you all do something lovely too.
Bye for now...x
Good afternoon to you all and I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine today be you a mother, father, aunt, uncle, daughter, son or a mixture of everything, which most of us are.
It is actually my Mum's birthday today as well as Mother's day and although I cannot be with her today I spoke to her on the phone, and it was lovely to hear that my sister, had brought the great grandchildren to visit.
All the generations eh, how the years fly and the cycle of life continues.
I raise my glass to toast all the mothers -past present & future, and for those of us lucky enough still to have our Mum's around...make the most of your time with them and don't forget to tell them how much you love them.

To Mothers Everywhere xxxx

Good day to you all and I hope you are having a great Saturday. Well this week see's me one year older. Where does the time go? So little time and so much to do. I wonder if I will achieve all the goals I have set myself?
Well, I suppose I could start by writing a small something for Mother's Day tomorrow. There, I have said it so it has got to happen, that's half the battle. I challlenge all you authors reading this to write a 1,500 short story tomorrow and send it to me.
The gauntlet is well and truly gauntleted (?). I shan't hold my breath
Anyway I have an e-book to compile-20 of the top entries received into our 'Love Story' competition, that will be available to purchase for a small fee from the end of March. Entries have already started coming in for the 1st Birthday competition, so yet another reason my lovlies to switch of the telly and pick up a pen lol.
Have a few new projects I am working on too, so news of those shortly when finalised.
I hope you enjoy today's story 'Forty days and Forty nights', by Julie Balloo...and welcome Julie!
That's all for now folks, things to do, stories to write, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...x
Hi Peeps,
Very exciting day today. Just launched our new 1 year birthday short story competition. £100 1st get writing.
The First. Second and Third prizes will be voted for by the readers of this site-something a bit different I thought.
Check out the competition page for full details.
Also welcome to today's author Alyson Hilbourne. I hope you enjoy the story.
Busy day my lovlies and now I have to prepare dinner! Life is one big cycle of writing and cooking and eating and walking the dog (and I wouldn't have it any other way :-)  )
Have a great Sunday evening and speak soon i hope.
You know, sometimes you just don't want to do anything, and that's what I have been mostly doing today.
After the hoovering and the cleaning and the washing and the cooking ha ha.
I was so tired last night that I couldn't even be bothered to switch my computer on, Well, that is not like me. Think I have got 'laptop overload' at the moment. Is it possible to spend TOO much time at the computer? I guess so, even for writers.
I made cheese souffle for the first time ever last night - I like to relax by cooking, and despite having a few difficulties with the amounts (I could have made about 15 and I only wanted 2 small ones for starters) it actually worked, and they rose and were quite delicioius.
Maybe I should start a  cookery website . A cookery webiste for writers. Well, that's certainly a new angle.
Well, at least I have managed to put a new story on the website tonight, a second offering by the lovely Sylvia Lumley.
She also has a sci-fi book for sale on so take a look. i have posted a link beneath her story.
Cod and butterbeans tonight with Spanish Potaties, If you fancy the recipe drop me a line  at
(I AM JOKING LOL) -but what a great title. Ha Ha. What creative value we provide at 5minutefiction.
Love you all ;-)...x
Hmmm. I'm not going to win many blogging awards with an exciting title like that, but at least it's an honest state of my day. When you have spent all day at the keyboard, sometimes all you can mention is the weather.

I am told the bee's have stayed at home today and are doing indoor jobs like cleaning up and feeding the kids.
Os has been in a fight but no worse for the experience.
I am hoping to put information on the website about our 1 year anniversary short story competition tonight -so watch this space.
Hope you enjoy today's short story, I thought this up when I was washing the dishes -no idea why lol.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend. I am now being instructed to go the corner shop for beer and wine.

Yes, it's been that kind of weekend...x

Afternoon Peeps,
Yes Spring is certainly in the air and in the step Well it will be when I am walking the dog later on.
The birds are flirting and twittering with each other, and the 2012 bee cohort are now venturing from the hive to bring home fresh pollen to feed the babies.
And of course the frogs are at it! This is a picture we took on a walk earlier this week. Leap Year indeed!
Hope you enjoy today's new offering, Mary is a Planetoid, from a young writer Scott Rogers -welcome Scott!
For once on a Saturday I seem to be on top of the long list of jobs (ignoring the ironing) and I might even bake some bread soon!
Have a great Saturday (and watch out for the frogs!)...x

Hi Peeps,
Hope you are all well after a week at work or whatever you have been up to? Just back from walking the dog and what a beautiful evening. Warm and Spring like. Lots of new growth on the tree's and the birds singing. Makes me smile.
We have another great short story on the website for you tonight by Christine Ashby, I hope you enjoy and welcome Christine!
Should have news about our 1 year anniversary competition by Sunday and I will be contacting everyone involved in the e-book following on from the Valentines Love Story this weekend- I hope to have that published and for sale by the end of March.
Fish and chips (home made of course) for tea tonight, plus a nice galss of red and a film.
I think that will do me for a Friday evening,
Enjoy yours -whatever you may be doing.
Speak tomorrow...x