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I have added a new audio file for you to enjoy though. Will try and get something new published in the week.
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Last night of helping out the local amateur dramatics play tonight -I am chief curtain puller and deputy props person. oh, and I make the tea. Well i do come in useful sometimes!
The all important  'after show' party will ensue later so I am looking forward to that.
Not much time today but a brand new story for you dear readers :-)
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A Tale of Morality or is that ‘Reality’?

Once upon a time, Ok, Ok, its Flash Fiction, cut to the chase.

Goldilocks sat scratching her rear, the little bears chair wasn’t as comfortable as the story had made out and whilst deliberating over the porridge her bum had gone decidedly numb.

Even the food wasn’t up to much, she was used to Egon Ronay, well, at least four stars. It was OK being a celebrity but she was tired of all the three bears stuff and she wanted to move onto more serious roles. Sleeping beauty for instance, she could do that, even at her age. Much more glamorous than messing around with smelly, old, flea infested grizzlies.

Anyway baby bear was now pushing 20; it was ridiculous, a grown bear dressed in a diaper, infact the whole thing was getting a bit passé.

Still, a job is a job. She had been offered ‘Big Brother’ but had turned that down. Humpty Dumpty had gone in her place, and apparently it wasn’t all it was ‘cracked’ up to be.

Goldilocks stirred the lumpy porridge, her dyed shimmering locks looking decidedly brassy in the glare of the electric light.

She sighed, all alone on a Saturday night, even the 3 bears wouldn’t be at home tonight, they were performing their ‘Bear Gee’s tribute on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

Slumping back in her seat Goldy was just about to cry when she heard a loud knock at the door.

Looking up she could see the shadow of two ears and a snout through the window.

She smiled a little smile. It was Wolf. He must be on his way home from seeing Little Red Riding Hood. Well, it wasn’t Prince Charming, that’s for sure, but Wolf could be very charismatic if you caught him in the right mood.

Maybe he could take her to the local bar, the ‘Pumpkin and Slipper’, were having a’ buy one get one free’ evening?

Straightening her dress, Goldilocks tidied her hair before answering the door.

Outside the wolf licked his lips, tonight could be the night for a little celebrity ‘Come Dine with Me’!

The End

Ha, I just wrote that to wind up a few of my Twitter buddies. We were having a debate about the merits of 'Flash Fiction', and I threw my two penn'orth in lol.
Maybe I'm just old fashioned but I like my short stories to be called 'short stories' whatever their length lol ;-)
Anyway, to all you flash fictioners out there..Hello and happy writing.
Well, we have another great short story for you today by new author to 5minutefiction. A big welcome to Susan Carey, and here's hoping we hear more from her in the future.

Well my lovlies, all this talk won't get my best selling novel written will it (!), so onwards and forever onwards.

Anyway, all this Flash Fiction...just a 'flash' in the pan. if you ask me....

Speak soon and don't forget to tune in tomorrow for our St George's Day story x

Up with the lark I was this morning, well before 10 of the clock that is.
Anyway. had a flying start to the day (!) kneaded some dough and finally manged to put today's story on the website (t'internet is playing up a tad).
When I finish on the old laptop I am going to attempt 1 hours exercise, make some soup and bake the bread, and maybe not in that order.
I then intend to write out to all outstanding submissions to the website and then do some recording.
We are featured on Radio Northumberland next week Monday - Thurs 11:30 pm -the book at bedtime slot. I will put a link on the website later. I think these audio stories will be available for download also -I will check...if not I will make them available on the website.
I hope you enjoy todays story, I really like ' and the farmer continued to plough...', i did a bit of digging to find out the background to tis story  (which I have included as a foot note).
Well, dear readers, must get on, so much to do and so little time.
Join me tomorrow for another great new story ...x
Ho hum, it's just been one of those days folks and I feel a bit raggy around the edges after not achieving anything I set forth to do today.
At least i can offer you a new story as a start to the weekend and then go and hide in a dark corner somewhere ;-)
At least it is the weekend and I can hopefully make up for lost time today.
We have a wealth of new stories, plus as a bonus we will run into Monday with a special 'St George's Day' treat.

Anyone who hasn't heard from me regarding submissions will do so over this weekend when I get myself sorted...

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