Hump Day



Wednesday- hump day -over the hump of the week and only 2 working days left. Going to have a little break after today so no blogs or updates for nearly a week, but hopefully lots to update when I get back fully refreshed.
Looking forward just having some time to let my imagination drift and bring you some more stori
Happy reading until then
Hey y'all. Just a quick Hi and to say how things with you? Well I worked until 7, gym 7:30 to 8:30, food and now watching a film The Sixth Sense which is a bit spooky for me.
Giving the old brain a rest tonight and just chillin which is nice for a change.
Wee that's it, me done for the day,
Have fun and see you tomorrow x
Well I'm in Leeds yet again. And it's getting late, I know, I know dear readers. It has been a long day and I feel like I have eaten my own weight in food. Tired and need comfort. Hope not too bad Monday for you all. Newsletter went out, for all you folks who asked to be on the mailing list. Happy to send it out to anyone else, just let me know at the email address.
I can tell I'm tired, I locked myself out of the hotel room tonight, on the way back with my M&S tea and i had to go right back down to reception. Oh the shame of it. And I forgot my toothbrush and had to  buy a new one. Oh the extravagence of it all.
Think I'm rambling. Better stop. See you tomorrow peeps. Should be a bit earlier as determined to be back from work before 7.Luxury..........................x
Well, it has been a lovely sunny day and I have spent a fab day in the fresh air away from the computer, I think i needed a rest! Morning spent on an old London Routemaster red bus  - Tyne Idols Tour - a tour of Newcastle with commentary on Newcastles music history. I would thoroughly recommend. The tour was led by Ray Laidlaw of Lindisfarne fame-what a nice man. Book one of these tours now if you are in Newcastle, you won't be disapointed
After that sat in the sun outside the Sage in Gateshead and listened to some free live music and had a picnic. Great stuff.
So thoroughly revived I am back to report to you my readers, armed with a cup of tea and ready to write and issue the Newsletter tonight!!
I do set myself extreme deadlines, that's the way i like it.
Back to work tomorrow, hey ho, looking forward to seeing what stories come into my head this week.
Hope your weekend was a good one.
Now, that newsletter...........................hmmmmmm
Sunshine today folks. Spent most of it indoors but I have had the door and window open as I type. Made a lovely vegetable curry for tonight, been cooking for over 4 hours and will be lovely later - maybe eaten al fresco. Picked a few raspberries from the garden, so will be having those too.
Well, two new stories as promised - Freak Show - which is a little longer than the usual story, but I hope that you like, and another story for children Serious Cat by Pete Donald.
For those of you awaiting the monthly newsletter, hoping to have out by tomorrow, if I don't get distracted too much by the curry and gin tonight. For those of you not already on the mailing list....there is still time.
Ha Ha
Enjoy your weekend, enjoy therstories x
Not sure if yey is actually a word, but that is how i feel, work over for the week and I can start doing something I really love.
Out first newsletter is out this weekend, so drop me a line if you want to be on the mailing list
Blimey, it has really been busy this week and I am pooped so nice dinner and wine for me and a film and chocolate ice cream
Because I'm worth it of course..
Thanks for keeping up with me peeps, more stories this can follow us on Twitter @ 5 minute fiction -the tweets are a bit random at times, but then again, so am I !!
That's it, computer off until tomorrow.
Have a good one xxx
What are you doing this evening I wonder? Are you a telly kind of person, a reader (well I should think so),pub or an early to bed kind of person? Well at this moment in time I am typing away saton the bed in my hotel room. I can hear the city of Leeds rumble passed me below. It's still light but the curtains are shut as there are some offices/apartment blocks not too far away -someone might have a telescope! Am I being a little paranoid you think? Well, remember Rear Window with Jimmy Stewart?
You see.
Will be glad to be home tomorrow to see my beloved. There is no place like home. Aaaah.
Night Peeps -new stories in a couple of days........and the newsletter, so drop me a line at if you want to be on the mailing list.
Night night  and see you tomorrow for another thrilling installment lol x
Its almost 10pm. What kind of daily log is this? Soon it will be the midnight blog!!
Apologies, I got a little distracted by phone calls and emails. At least I made it. Well, what have I done today, apart from work that is? I had a well earned lunch break and did some more writing over a skinny chocolate - I am really living it up lately. Working until 7, gym til 8.15 shower, tea, faff, and here I am.
The current story isn't finished yet, despite the devoted hours, its turning out to be a bit more complex than usual and its taking a different turn than I thought. Thet really do go there own way when you enter the 'zone' and I sometimes wonder who is really writing?? That in itself is another story.
You will be able to see for yourself at the weekend, beloved reader, and we may have a surprise mystery author for you, yes, you know who you are so get cracking, I've promised the nice lady and gentleman now!
Hmmmm, maybe today has been too long,
Goodnight peeps, may all your dreams be pleasant ones x

Blimey,What a start to the week. Quarter to 10 and I have just had my tea. It's a funny life living in hotels in the week, or maybe its just mine ? Bad start to the day as 06:30 train cancelled, but then a very nice man gave me a free lift in his taxi. There are lots of lovely people around. Raining whern i arrived at Leeds, trying to cross busy roads with suitcase, bag and brolly blowing inside out. Oh what fun I had. Good thing was tho I giot to write 1600 words of my new story on the train so pleased about that. Writing is a great escape from the stresses and strains. i thoroughly recommend you have a go.
Well a couple of hours writing for me with no distractions, so hoping to finish new story tonight, at least in draft form.
Hope you day was kind to you.
Sweet dreams to you all x
Well, when I got up it was bucketing it down, then it became sunny, then it became cloudy and now its half and half. Oh well, it's another PJ day for me today so happy to sit and watch the weather changing outside teh window. A couple more stories to put on here later today.
No Sunday times paper in the local the mighty fall eh.
Dog just about drired off from his morning walk but has that 'wet dog' smell, lovely.
Hey, the sun's just coming out again, they say it shines on the righteous :-)
have a great Sunday Peepes and hope the sun shines on you where ever you are x