Hi All. Great new mid week short story for you - Paradise Downgraded by new author Orlando Robson. I think it is an excellent story. i hope you enjoy too.
That's all really -must dash as dinner is cooking :-)
See you tomorrow peeps x
Golly Gee. Well it is getting late Peeps but just wanted to say Hi.
And to tell you about a mid-week treat. A new story by a new author will be on here tomorrow from between 7-8 pm (I hope) so just right for your mid week bed time read,
So tune in tomorrow folks. And remember lots of other lovely stories you might not have read yet?
Well I am a sleepy thing - long day so that's it from me.
Told you it would be a quickie :-)
Night night xx
Well, Part 2 of Midas Bunny - hope you enjoy the new childrens short story from Pete Donald.
Quite dull and windy here so doing Autumny things like making soup and curry, and having a bit of a clean around.
A pottering day i suppose you would call it. The dog is looking at me in the hope of a walk, perhaps dog, or you might just have to wait for your Dad :-). Am too cosy indoors today.
Well the Bank Holiday has come and gone, kids back to school this week.
The days seem to n#be tripping over themselves at the moment, so much to do, so little time.
thr nights are drawing in too, always makes me feel a bit melancholy (must be my artistic temperament).
Maybe i should walk the dog after all??
Lol, hope you had a good one folks x
I don't know why but it was. Went shopping, which is something I don't do a lot of, but last few days of the sales and needed some things for the kitchen. Also bought some things I didn't need, but you have to treat yourself every now and then.
Well, back to writing today and new stories for you peeps so will crack on with it. It's lovely and sunny but quite windy up here, a good drying day as they say :-)
Catch you later, have a lovely Sunday x




I got really wet today. Not a little bit wet, but soaked to the bone wet through wet. you know the kind.
Wish I'd brought mi brolly, as they say!
A nice man at the Hearth Cafe in Horsley helped me out and I had a nice bacon sandwich and coffee to help me recover.
Had a lovely meeting with fellow website owner Rachel Cochrane www.listenupnorth.com Check it out, it's a great site. We are hoping to do some collaboration in the near future so watch this space!
Have some great new stories for you this weekend, so keep visiting and enjoy some great small fiction this Bank Holiday weekend.
Well, for me it is time to open a bottle of red and enjoy some me time.
Hope you do something lovely too this evening.
Enjoy x

Hump Day



Well we made it to hump day.Been a fantastically busy week so far and the weekend is rapidly tumbling towards us. Bank Holiday weekend too woohoo.
Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself. Its only Wednesday and two days to go. Well, I have 5 new stories to look at from 2 new writers, hopefully be able to share those with you all soon.
I haven't written anything this week, although I have been busy. Maybe have chance to write a short piece tommorrow?
Had some lovely comments this week on some of the new stories, so please keep your comments coming in, good or bad (I should say - constructive :-))
Noticed it is getting almost Autumnal, nearly had to put tights on today, but no I resisted. Cold legs all day. Hey Ho.
Hope you are having fun, it's important you know .
Speak soon x
Hi all,
Just back from a lovely day in Newcastle, mosying about, getting some inspiration, walking over bridges, visiting the market and having a bit of coffee and chocolate cake. My favourite kind of Sunday.
Sat outside now, and although its a bit dull, its still quite warm and a change to be outdoors. It's lovely just to sit and be quiet after the noise of town. I think silence is one of the biggest luxuries I have. There's a lot to be said for it, or not of course.
Any way my little sparrows (!), I hope your weekend has been peaceful, or not, whatever you prefer.
Hope you like the new stories this weekend.
Might be Tuesday when I next blog as away tomorrow.
Until then, dear friends......x

Yes, I know you wouldn't think it, but I was in the Co-oP for 08:30 this morning. Quite disturbing buying food at that time of day.
Before that I had been labelling and pricing honeycomb. By 12:30 I had done all the washing, baked bread and made soup. And now at nearly 3:00 pm i have added 4 new stories to the website. Gosh, aren't I a busy bee! And a very girly swot as my teacher would have said -many, many years ago.
Next job is to walk the dog.
I haven't finished with the site for this weekend yet, have a couple of my own to put on here -well definitely one -still wondering about the second. Hmmm
Went to watch a local production of The Boyfriend last night -excellent. Nothing like the theatre for taking you out of yourself :-)
Anyway, the sun is shining and the washing is drying very nicely so I think i will catch some of it for myself.
Have a lovely weekend Peeps.
Bye for now xxxx
And very nice it was too. I know I said yesterday I was being good, well i am, it's just that it was bought for me, and well, I didn't have much lunch etc etc etc
I know excuses excuses :-)
Anyway peeps, enough of that. Don't let me think of sweet things.
It's nearly the weekend and nearly time to update you with our new tales. It's all very exciting.
Well I need to crack on with writing related things so only a quick one tonight
Catch up tomorrow x




Yes, Folks I have started jogging today. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Hmm. Found I had aches and pains all over the place and that's before I got to the end of the road!
We shall see how it goes. Trying to go everyday for the next few weeks (emphasis on the word TRYING).
I'll keep you informed of my progress and hopeful weight loss...........
The server for the site has been down most of today and so I don't think many people have been able to access the site today, including me,which is a shame after the bumper number of visits yesterday. So I hope you all have access now and can carry on the good reads.
May have to give up the cake too. Hey Ho.
Have fun peeps x