Yes-beware, there is a bear.......about.  I can't belive it was Monday when I last updated this and I feel very ashamed. I am trying to think why?? I can't even remember Tuesday, but last night-I do recall. I tried for over an hour dear readers to update the blog, but the system was so slow, and I couldn't get past the log in page so I'm afraid I gave up in the end. Even tonight it is very slow and I find myself with a small grizzly bear in the room (oh -Andy has just said that isn't a bear -its me Grrrrrrrr)
Anyway. I also realise that the 'Home Page' has been announcing new stories since the weekend. Again I am in your hands dear friends, please forgive me.
Will have a couple of new updates by the weekend for you all to enjoy.
I am a bit lonely writing to myself -so please drop me a line and let me know what you think of the site, your favourite stories etc.
Don't be shy peeps :-)
Am tired long day -been up since 05:30 and only back home 19:00. Dinner and blog and I think bed beckons, and i haven't written anything all week, am tired and feel a bit of the writers block creeping upon e but will get myself sorted soon.
Night ya'll. See you in my dreams ..................x
Hi Folks. Apologies for not signing in yesterday, I was sooo busy, and a day of rest at that!! Another busy day, infact i have just got home, but thought I would say Hi and all that. How are you? Hope you had a good day.
I went to the gym  today and have managed to shift a few pounds over the last week, so am feeling pretty pleased with myself, just need to keep up the good work - no alcohol until the weekend :-(
Might have to write a short story about someone on a diet.
If there are any budding writers out there you are all very welcome to come and join the meryy band here at 5minutefiction...just drop me a line @
Well-I am afraid I have been working all day so very boring-in terms of writing about my day anyway-unless you count sitting in Newcastle station with a skinny hot chocolate and toasted sandwich living the high life.
Hmmm.....I need definitely need to get out more.
Night peeps xx
Hi All. hair cut day for me. i think it is the only time I actually sit still and do nothing for 2 hours :-) Thank you to the lovely Gayle at Gary hedley
But this afternoon, as promised, a new short story for you 'Moonlight Becomes You' I hope you like it, its got a bit of an Autumny feel to it.
Hoping to have more new stories tomorrow, so watch this space.
Dinner in the oven, all the washing done, all is well (apart from that means a pile of ironing too!)
Well, happy reading folks and thank you for your loyal support to the site.
Have a great evening x
How dark is it tonight? The Summer seems long gone. Sounds like the start of some 70's song  haha.
Well my lovlies, the working week has ground abruptly to a halt and the corks of many a wine bottle will be popped tonight.
I actually finished a new story today, hurrah, its a few weeks since i wrote anything new and I felt a bit of the old writers block this morning on the train, but a bit of dusting down i managed to get back in the groove again. it is a funny thing though writing, you have to try and keep the imagination ripe and poised otherwise it goes all flabby. well mine seems too anyway :-)
The diet, well,I have been quite hungry today, But I haven't over indulged. That's all i can say.
Going to put my story on the site sometime tomorrow, I will tweet all my followers to alert you to the fact, if you don't tweet, just keep tuning in.
Well tired little me going to bed -sleep well peeps-enjoy the weekend x
Well its been another longish day -seems even longer when on a diet  -although i must admit it folks i was distracted to the pub after work for a small glass of wine and a cottage pie. Oh, and chips. I can feel myself blushing as I write this.
But there is always tomorrow........
Well, its Leeds tomorrow and someone is making cakes -will I be able to resist -why am I tempted so? All will be revealed in tomorrows blog.
I did go to the gym today though and ate lots of fruit so I think that cancels out the cottage pie and wine -but not perhaps the chips.
I am not obsessed by food................
Must think writing. Actually iIam going to write a new story on the train tomorrow and put it on the site at the weekend. That is my Thursday night promise to you all.
Hope you all had a good day and you continue to enjoy the site.
bath and bed for me -early start x
Its me my dears. Yes, after my travelling trauma on Monday in the gales (lol) for those of you who follow me on Twitter will have the full story, then Leeds all day yesterday...this is the first time i have had to sit down and write to you dear reader(s).
I am hoping to have a new story on the site tonight by that Darling of the children's story telling world Mr Pete Donald. Hold onto you hats boys and girls...look out later for that.
Golly I am a bit luvvy and gushing tonight -it is because i have been away for far too long. Expecting my good friend Rachel from soon to discuss exciting new projects. take a look and listen at her site-i can thoroughly recommend it
Well things to do, people to see, soup to eat dear Peeps( I am on a diet by the way :-( )
Hope I get the story on later plus much more at the weekend xx
Hi All, Just to let you know i am off for a small weekend break and so there will be no new stories this weekend. I do apologies - but maybe you can re-read your favourites-or try something you haven't read yet??
Normal service will be resumed mid week - I already have a few submissions awaiting my return.
Fingers crossed for me that the weather stays fine -i think i will pack my brolly just in case -and who knows I might actually get some real writing done.
Have a great weekend peeps and look forward to catching up on my return x
It looks like winter already outside peeps! The pain in my heed has turned out to be an infection so no wonder It hurts! That is why I have been a bit quiet  - not up for much really, and this dark and windy night is making me feel sorry for myself.
Think I need an early night.
Thought I would just pop in and say Hi - hopefully feeling a bit more 'with it' soon.
Night night my lovlies xxxx
Bt of a hectic weekend this, with friends staying over, playing the bongo's, dancing and singing and trying to book a holiday -still yet to be resolved. Hmmmmm.
I have a pain in my head today - not sure if it is too much work, too much wine, or too much bongo playing. I think it is a little of all 3.
Anyway, my good friend Cic is joining me this afternoon for coffee and cake to give me some artistic pointers for my latest venture. i will be revealing all soon. For those of you awaiting a newsletter - I will be doing another one honest - but I will be issuing it mid September - so anyone wanting to join in the gang and receive my haphazard newsletters (:-)), then drop me a line to with the words 'newsletter' and I will add you to the mailing list.
Hope you enjoy the new story from Tony Sussex -it's a great tale and brought a lump to my throat -emotional gal that I am.
May even have time for one more story later today......will keep you informed.
Have a good one x
Well, got up this morning to find that the dog had stupendous diaorrhea during the night. Mmmmm. Lovely. I'm not going to say any more but the day could only get better after that.
Had a reallly good day and projects really coming together. More new stories for you this weekend folks. Not sure when they will be on the site-so keep checking, I will also TWEET for those who follow me to let you know when we have new short stories on the site.
We have company this weekend so have been quickly trying to hide all the rubbish :-). As long as they don't look in the cupboards haha.
Anyway, the night is young as they say and I'm sure I can wring a glass of red wine out of one of the bottles in the kitchen.
See you tomorrow x