And no, before you ask it wasn't too much wine :-). I tried for over an hour folks to get a new story on line, but the old laptop just wasn't having any of it! I think they have changed the admin part of my website and I think it had a few glitches. That's my story and I'm sticking to it anyway.
But not to disappoint, I have a treasure trove of new stories lined up for you this weekend. Starting with 'Go To Hell' a new story by new author John Ritchie. it's a bizarre tale and one I really enjoyed -just in time for Halloween.
Its raining outside, well more of a grey drizzle. I have a pot of tea (the Yorkshire lass in me) and a hot water bottle and ready for a good writing day.
So my loves -watch this space. Am thinking og grouping all the horror stories into a 'halloween special' just for this week.
Hope you have a lovely Saturday.
Am on line most of the day -so if you want to comment on the website or send me a story, just drop me a line at
Bye for now......................x
Nearly wrote Tweets then! Not sure if i am tweeting or blogging these days lol. It has been a long and busy and dark week. Am I turning into a mushroom? A scenario for a new short story perhaps??
I have lots of new stories and some new authors to bring to you this weekend, so keep an eye out! New story this Friday, Saturday and Sunday so stay tuned.
Fire lit. all warm and cosy and man and dog asleep. How things should be.
All well in the world, hope all well in yours too.
See you all tomorrow x
Well, it certainly makes me feel old! When I celebrate my 30+ nephews birthday it makes me feel even older though lol.
Hope you have been enjoying the new stories and new authors? it's been a bit of a mad rush but I did manage a new story a day as promised :-) I have received a lot of interest in the site from authors asking for my submission rules.
Well. to be honest I don't think there is a wrong or right way to write. There is good writing and good stories! If your material fits the bill and is no longe than 2500 words, then send in to me at and I will consider.
Not everything I receive actually does get published (unlike some sites) I do try and maintain good quality for the readers and to make the site reputable. I will read all submissions though and where I think required offer constructive advice.

Looking forward to seeing all my family again and having a bit of a 'do' as they say in Yorkshire.
More new stories and authors coming to you over the next week Peeps, so stay tuned.

Have a great Sunday x
Just a quickie to say Hi and hope you enjoy the new stories.
See you all very soon x
Well well well. I have a treat for you tonight. i would like to introduce you to a new author of short stories SJI Holliday. A great little starter piece entitled 'Careers Advice'. I think you will enjoy. I look forward to reading more.
Check out her profile too.
I have another treat in store for you tomorrow, with a brand new story from one of our favourites (and lovely fellow too) Mr Tony Sussex. So keep tuning in.
And Friday, I will be adding the first in my 'Italian' themed stories. So such a lot going on. Keep up the good reading dear Peeps.
Enjoy and see you tomorrow x
Tuesday. Is that all? It seems longer. I am trying to cut down on the mini rolls but it's not working too well.....need more energy.
And it's been freezing today. I am sure you have noticed. Must find my gloves out for tomorrow.
Had a lovely meeting at lunchtime with some of the authors on here, what a motley bunch we all are (I can say that confidently in the knowledge that they will be reading this).
I have been cracking the whip to try and get some new content for you to read. That reminds me, I must start my new story. cannot slacken off for one moment - this creative thing can be so elusive at times.
Dog snoring, what a life eh.
Bed soon for me as early start in morning I might even go the gym tomorrow. Well I will certainly think about it.
Sweet dreams Peeps.........................x
Hmmm it's Sunday but work to do today. Looking to update this website and finish a short story that has been longing to be written since I came off holiday! hey Ho. So much to do so littl time. Maybe i should have woke up earlier, but the papers and a cup of tea in bed on a Sunday are a tradition.........
Any excuse.
Anyway, must crack on folks....just wanted to say hi and hope you are enjoying both the new and old stories this week.

Have a lovely Sunday x
Yes folks. it is indeed true. Time travel is now available on my iPod. Perhaps someone will  make a time travel app -now don't pinch that idea I'm going to write a short story about it :-0
Anyway -back to my ipod. I have gone from the 1940's to the 1970's, we are in the 1980's at the moment with Kate Bush-Hounds of Love -what a great album.
Meatloaf now....hmmmm.
Anyway, moving quickly onward. What I really wanted to say is that there is a great big new story by Tony Sussex new on the website 'A Short Stay'.
We hope you enjoy.
Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks to all our new readers. Keep on with the feedback - it all helps :-)

If you are a budding writer and would like to be considered for this website -please drop me a line @

Big smiles peeps x
Hi Peeps. How you all doing out there? I still haven't finished my story. Might make big effort to complete tonight. Promises promises. Is it me or is it the dark nights and dark mornings that make it incredibly difficult to get up and go. Could do better C- for me today I think.
Not all gloomy though. All is quiet here, just a bit of drizzle, the tree's outside are just changing their colours. I can hear a few children playing outside in the distance. I  get that feeling  from when I was a child of coming home from school in the Autumn, playing outside in the early evening, bonfire smoke from the gardens, dreaming of a future where anything is possible.
Hey ho.
I think my sombre mood reflects the weather. I sound like a Thomas Hardy character. Not Tess I hope.
Enjoy the dying of the light..............................x
This cold is really annoying me know. Feels like my head is going to explode grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Chicken in oven for tea though so all is well in the world. I hope you are enjoying the new stories and poetry -I haven't had chance to finish my new stories  -i seem to have a brain full of cotton wool and coal (being a Yorkshire lass!).
Anyway -I am wanting to revamp the look of the site -but am a bit afraid incase it all goes horribly wrong and everything disappears and i have to start again. I love technology me lol.
Hi to all new readers - hope you enjoy. We seem to be gathering a good crowd here at 5minutefiction and your honest review and contributions are sincerely welcome.
Any new and budding short story authors /poets who would like me to consider their work please submit to
Well -must think about preparing vegetables -Oh this literary life.....................
Thanks for your support Tweeps xx