Hi Peeps. Apologies for not blogging this week, it has just really been one of those weeks. I have been working away for most of the week, and the rest of the week i have been too tired, or catching up on 'other' jobs.
I think my new story this week says it all lol. Forgive my indulgence in this dark tale, part truth, part fiction , like most stories, but where does reality end and fiction start -there's the rub o't.
Anyway, had a lovely day in unsunny Sunderland at a Publishing conference at the Glass Works. Met some canny people there, so 'Hi' to anyone I met today who might be reading this, and do drop me a line.
This might be the last story this week, as I need to spend time on updating the website for Christmas. All new singing and dancing one (ihope) from Thursday. I also hope to give you a new story every day in December -a kind of story advent, so i hope you enjoy.
keep checking the website until then for daily updates.
Well, I suppose I better get writing lol. Hope you all having a lovely weekend and life treating you kind.
See you very soon........x
Hi Peeps. Sure am busy lately. Didn't have time to get a new story on the site yesterday, but have managed two new stories for you this weekend, both diverse and well worth the read.I do hope you enjoy them.
We don't do bad for a free little site do we??
Been busy writing a Christmas themed selection to put on the site over December. Better get a move on sharpish as only a week and a bit to go before the glorious countdown begins (never mind the shopping and the spending!!). Not forgetting the parties too :-)
Fire on now it's getting a bit cold and dark. Dog asleep. Joint in oven. I even think I have the scrapings of a glass of wine left in the bottle.
Oh happy days..............x

Tired Peeps. Been a long week but looking forward to the weekend.
Don't forget, a new story tomorrow :-)
Dentist for me in morning, but that will be the end of all the root canal work. I just hope its not back to back Brucie on the radio, and everything should be fine.
Cold and tired so bath and bed for me.

I have been doing 'house' type jobs all day. ALL DAY! From 9:00 this morning until about 17:30. That's a lot of jobs I can tell you.
And then I had trouble getting onto the website and so I have only just managed to upload today's new story (it's now 21:57).
In the meantime I managed to write a small piece for tomorrow so all in all a very busy day.
Am ready for sleeps Peeps (lol)

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy the new story today after all the effort it took to get it ion here :-). it's rather a bizarre tale.

On that note.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....................x
Well, I am pleased to say dental appointment successful, thank you to the lovely Mr Tim Peach at Laburnum Dental Practise in Wallsend. If you need a good dentist and live in Newcastle I can fully recommend.
The worst bit was Bruce Forsyth singing on the radio! It must have been national Brucie day or something. At least 4  songs whilst I was in the chair...........
Anyway, I am a happy bunny now, toothache gone -I have to go back next week (stage 2 of root canal filling) but I am strong and I can go on (LoL)
Its Friday, and that can only mean one thing- New Stories for you .................. Hope you enjoy the latest by Mr Tony Sussex-I certainly did.
Anyway, off to make shepherds pie now. And a nice glass of red. I think I deserve it peeps.
Until tomorrowx
Sorry to have a bit of a moan peeps but I have the most terrible tooth ache. Never had it before.
Dentist tomorrow at 08.10. At least it will be over and done with early on.
Well, sleep (I hope) and nurofen beckon.
Night night -should be in better spirits and hopefully less pain tomorrow.
New stories start tomorrow too - all through the weekend..................x  
Yes it's hump day again -that lovely middle day of the week that makes you start thinking about Friday lol.
Been quite creative so far this week, nearly finished two of my 'Christmas' series stories, and just had the idea for a story which I want to write and put on the site at the weekend (no pressure there then!).
I already have Friday and Saturday nights stories lined up (and excellent they are too!)
Would people prefer weekend or weekday stories? |I try and split them up as much as I can - maybe I should try a regular Wednesday story? What do you think folks? Let me know.
Did I tell you I have tooth ache? yes-it's been nagging at me for a while. I have a morbid fear of dentists so I have stayed away, but I think needs must. Oh dear, what a complete nightmare-I shall try and think of a dentist related story whilst I am in the chair on Friday morning.
Wish me well Peeps.
On that happy note.......................................x
Hi Peeps. Just about to sleep and very tired. Busy weekend and start to week,  Crikey, three more days to go 'til weekend. Must be all this darkness. Never ming my lovlies, nice story tomorrow to help us all get through the rest of the week.
Enough, sleep beckons.
Night night x
Good day today Peeps. This morning young Tom came to visit to discuss writing.He is only 10 and I think I learned more from him than he did from me :-0.
You can read his short story 'Bonfire Night'  in the 'New' section.
Nice afternoon walk in the sunshine with the dog, Lovely and warm for the time of year. Tree's looked beautiful.
Cold now though and we have lit the fire so nice and cosy.
Definitely had a mixed bag of stories this weekend, I hope we are keeping you entertained?
Trying not to think of another week ahead, miserable commuters (lol), funny how you get that 'Sunday Night' feeling, even when you are 'grown up'.
Well here's to the end of another lovely week, or is it just the beginning......................?x

Good day



Happy Bonfire night!

Well it has been a good day. I organised a charity christmas fair this morning and we raised over £400 for homeless charities so well done to everyone involved.
A new 'short' short  by SJI Holliday and at last my finished poem. iI's only short but I hope you enjoy it. My thoughts as an early morning commuter :-)

Lots of whizzes and bangs going off outside and Os (the dog) keeping quiet in front of the fire (as usual).
Film and ice cream tonight me thinks. Long day and a bit tired.

Enjoy the fireworks x