Hi Peeps. Well its a week since I last blogged and all that Christmas hustle and bustle has been and gone and just waiting for the New Year to start.
I love New Year, it brings with it new hope and wonder for what we might achieve. I hope it brings you all happiness, good health and success,
I have launched the 5minutefcition short story competition today. Hope you have a go. it is all very exciting.
New story for a new year tomorrow Peeps and from a new author too.

Have a great New Years Eve x
Hi Peeps. Well, that is the last of the Christmas short story advent published on the website. I hope that you have enjoyed them and they have played a small part in your pre Christmas celebrations. Who knows, maybe they will become a Christmas tradition?
Waiting to listen to the 'Carols from Kings', on Radio 4 at 3 'o' clock. It's very traditional and usually makes me cry. Christmas is a funny time of mixed emotions, looking back into the past, thinking about friends and family no longer with us, visiting family and friends that are.
I will certainly be having a few quiet thoughts as I wrap my presents and listen to the carols and readings.
I can't think of a better way to spend Christmas Eve.
I am going to take a short break from the website over the Christmas break to restore the batteries, but will be back on the 1st January with new stories and some other goodies.
So all it remains me to do my dear Peeps is to wish you 'Happy Christmas' whatever you are doing and wherever you may be. Hope you too get the chance to reflect and restore.
May you get the Christmas you deserve.
Enjoy x

Hoorah. At last it is the start of the holidays -for most of you too I hope? Start of jobs more like.
It has been a long week and I feel exhausted before Christmas is even here. Done food shopping and Turkey sitting looking at me every time I open the fridge door.
I have enough Turkey to feed a small village, Os might even get a bit if he is lucky.
Just a bit more tidying up to do, a bit of ironing, and then that is it. Oh apart from one more story tomorrow -Jeremy Kyle Christmas Special Part 2.
Looking forward to having a present wrapping session later, a little tradition of mine, I put on a Christmas Carol CD and have a small glass of sherry or Bailey's as I wrap up all of the goodies. That's my real start to Christmas.
Good luck if you are still shopping, and don't spend too much.
Speak soon Peeps x
Ahhh. Hello my dearest Peeps. Hope Sunday is good for you all. Just back from a weekend at my lovely Mum's and had a big family get together last night with sisters, nephews and partners, neices, great nephew and niece, brother in laws.
We had a great time and lovely to see them all. Played lots of games and ate and drank. Isn't that was Christmas is all about -having agreat time with family.
We are quite a roudy lot when we get together tho, and so it is also nice to be back in the quiet of my little house, lovely and frosty outside, comfy and cosy inside.
May need a little nap soon. just need to finish off these Maltesters with a nice cup of tea first (reminder must look the checked blanket and furry slippers out lol).
Have a good one folks x
Hi Peeps. Hope you are all having a good week?
It's a Christmas lunchtime 'do' for me today. Not sure if I am too bothered. As I recall last year I paid over the odds for  a meal I could barely eat (and I can eat most things) so a bit wary. Still, you have to make the effort (I am told) lol. Snow is also forecast so it should make things a bit more interesting!
Hope you are still enjoying the Christmas stories. Thank you all for reading.
On that note I had better start looking in the wardrobe (decisions, decisions) and getting out the wellingtons.
Have a great Friday Peeps x
Good afternoon Peeps. Yes, I know I slightly digress from the theme of writing but does anyone have any good baked ham recipes. I am trialling one today for Christmas so any ideas welcome.
Well, after a 2 hour marathon ironing session I can finally sit down to some writing. hoorah.
Day 11 of our Christmas Advent, another great piece from That Omega Kid.
Can't believe it's the 11th already -I haven't even started my Christmas shopping. Must take a trip to Amazon later :-)
On that note my lovlies, enjoy your Sunday and i will get back to the writing.

Enjoy x
Yes, the Christmas Turkey has been ordered, bought some Mistletoe and put that outside the door and so feeling a bit more Christmassy.
Very cold outside still, although a bit rainy and not the snow that was promised. Shame, as I like a bit of snow before Christmas, gets you into the mood somehow.
Dog and man in front of fire so all is well as I write.  
Bread rising by the fire, so looking forward to some of that after a few hours of writing.

Hope you like today's story -a bit of fun.

Enjoy the weekend and keep warm x
Hi Peeps,
Yes, I know it's stating the 'bleeding obvious', but I am colder than usual as my boiler is broken and it is being mended as we speak! He ho, thermals on and stiff upper lip - more like frozen.
Need to start real work too, but cannot get to the broadband until the boiler man has finished, so all in all a good start to a Friday lol.
Never mind. It is day 9 of the advent (Christmas will be here before we know it!) and another lovely story by the delightful Mr Tony Sussex for you to enjoy.
Do keep letting us know what you think of the stories by filling in the Feedback forms at the end of each story - it is good to know what works and more importantly what doesn't.
On that note, I shall re-fill the hot water bottle, don my hat and scarf and start some work for the day.
have a great one folks x
Hi Peeps
The weather outside is dreadful, sleet and rain and wind - just the kind of day to make you want to curl up with a good story. And we have plenty of those here at 5minutefiction.
Today's story is a cracker and it made me laugh out loud the first time I read it so make sure you check it out - very topical too -The Xmas Factor by Pete Donald -who needs Simon Cowell et al when we are bringing you 25 new stories throughout December.

On that note -I better get moving.

Have a lovely (warm and dry) day x

PS-If you find the music annoying on the pages you can turn it off by clicking on the sound button at the bottom of each story :-)
Evening Peeps. Well it's day 6 of the Christmas Short Story Advent here at 5minutefiction and we are still going strong. What do you think of it so far?
Still lots of gems to come so I hope you can keep logging into the site to get your daily short story until Christmas Day.
Still cold and raining here (Leeds) and icey back in the good old North East. Brrrrrrrr
Going home tomorrow and lots of smiles.
Hope you all keeping cosy.