Charity Christmas Short Stories
Hello once again to you all. I hope this finds you all well after nearly a year of being away from 5minutefiction.
I am glad to say that we still have 1000's of readers per month from all over the world and 90,165 downloads on Feedbooks to date.
I thought I would resurrect last years Christmas Story Advent this year - something for everyone - I also have some additional Xmas stories from previous Christmas advents and will be adding those throughout December. I know I am going to enjoy reading through these again.

I have added a donation button to the Home page for anyone who enjoys the website and can afford to give a bit this Christmas. All monies collected will be distributed to homeless charities in the North East of England via Wylam Housing Group.

Please feel free to enjoy the stories and may i take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas

Love Gail x
Dear Friends,
Well, I know it is ages since I last put a few words on here and no new stories and some of you have begun to worry if I am OK.

The anwer is yes, I am fine thank you, been a bit busy lately and perhaps overdoing it a little. That is why I will not be updating the website after today, not in the near future anyway. It has been fun and a pleasure to meet so many like minded people through the website and I would like to thank you all for your contributions and making the website the success it has been.
I need time now to do my own writing and unfortunately something has to give and it has to be the website for now.
As I say, it probably won't be forever so watch this space. The website will remain available for people to read the stories that are currently in the library.
I apologies to all of those who have submitted work and I haven't had the opportunity to respond or publish their work.

Good luck to you all I hope you continue to enjoy your writing and reading of short stories.
Until then my friends, this is not goodbye but a mere au revoir.

Love Gail x
Well, it's a week since I wrote on the blog. Christmas has flashed by quicker than Rudolph on steroids, the unwrapped presents are still sat in piles on the sofa and the flashing Christmas lights have given up the ghost (which is rather good in it's own way). So tonight is the last night to do all you wanted to in 2012, or there again we could wait for 2013?
I have half a turkey in the freezer and a fridge full of goodies for tomorrows celebrations (not to mention the sparkly already chilling).
It's been a funny old year on reflection. i can't really grumble. It just seems to have past by in such a hurry and I seem to have spent most of it sat at this laptop. More fresh air needed for 2013 me thinks and maybe a bit more variety :-))
I hope you all have a great New Years Eve and I join you in raising a toast to the New Year. Let's hope it's a great one for everyone.

Thanks for all your support in 2012.

Best Wishes

Gail x
I love Christmas Eve. To me it is the best part of Christmas, the build up, the anticipation. I suppose my feelings towards Christmas have changed over the years. I can only look back with fond memories at the small wide-eyed girl watching her mum baking on Christmas Eve. I don't think you can ever re-capture that childhood excitement and wonder of all that is Christmas. I often wonder if children feel the same today, or if technology has taken away some of that Christmas innocence. Probably not, children are children, whatever the era!
At Christmas these days I find myself a bit sentimental and thoughtful I suppose, reflecting on the past year and life to date in general.
May Christmas bring you and yours together, happiness love and peace.
They say you get the Christmas you deserve, let's hope it's a good one!

Gail x
Well my lovelies, how are you all?
 Hope the Christmas preparations are going well. As the title of this blog suggests -it is over 2 weeks since I have written on here and so I thought I better drop in. Not that I have been too far away, but busy with the Christmas competition and now the Christmas story advent, which I hope you are all enjoying.
Well, since we last spoke I have had a few Christmas parties, a few drinks (!) and a few dances. The tree is up, the cards have been sent and now just a few presents to buy ..oh and the Turkey. Shame about the weather, I like nice frosty yet sunny days at Christmas, but the forecast looks dismal, but one can always hope at this time of year!
Keep tuning in, a new story throughout the most of December.

Take care and speak very soon .....x
Hi Peeps. A bit slippy underfoot today, but what a beautiful morning! I was out dancing last night with friends and my legs are a wee bit weary this morning but what a great party. Singing on the mini bus on the way back too, what more could a girl want? :-)
What with partying, the start of the Christmas short story advent and the frost outside I am feeling the start of the Season already.
I hope you enjoy today's advent offering.

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow folks...x
Hello Peeps. Well the winners are now announced on the website and we have the start of our Christmas Short Story Advent, one new story a day throughout December. A bit of fun in the run up to Christmas. All our Christmas competition winners will be featured.
We also have all last years Christmas stories in an e-book available at Amazon priced £0.77. All profits towards the upkeep of the website, enabling me to keep it running, paying authors etc etc.
I hope you can join us every day this December, lots of goodies in store for you.

My hands are freezing as I type this and i feel rather like Bob Cratchit. Do keep warm, whatever you do today, and congratulations to all our winners.

Until tomorrow...x
Afternoon Peeps. Well the hard judging is over and the winners of our Chrismas short story competition have all been notified. 6 main prize winners and 19 runners up. With over 130 entries it was a very difficult choice and obviously a lot of disappointed people, but never fear, more competitions in 2013.
A full list of winners will be available on the website tomorrow and our overall winning story will be published tomorrow with the rest following in our Christmas short story advent throughout December.
We have a great story from a new author tonight - 'Judged' by Vivienne Hall. I hope you enjoy reading this tale and a big 5minutefiction welcome to Vivienne and I hope we hear more from her in the future.

Have a great Friday evening and see you tomorrow for the first in our Christmas Short Story Advent....x
...and that's really just to welcome new author 'Roger Noons' to 5minutefiction and I hope you enjoy his fun story this wintry and wet Sunday.
Competition winners announced next week Peeps and don't forget we have the chapters of 'Hard To get To', Tues and Thurs.

Have a good one...x
Hi Peeps. A bit later than I intended but we have had a family day out today (man and dog) along the beautiful Northumbrian coast of Bamburgh and Holy Island. Lovely on a clear and cold winter's day. Lunch at the Barn at Beal looking out over the sea, picked some shells on the beach and got some well needed fresh air and time away from the computer.

Judging of the Christmas short stories has started and there are some real crackers (no xmas pun intended). All will be revealed next Saturday (winners will be notified by email on Friday).

Just had an email from a charity providing talking newspapers to those who cannot physically read the paper copy. They are going to use some of the stories from the website to record and use in their newspapers. Great work these people do and more news on that later.

To today's story. We have a wonderful touching story from a new writer to us -Hugh Morris. A big welcome to Hugh and I do hope we have the pleasure of being party to more of his material in the future.

On that note, I will bid you all a cosy Saturday evening (fire on and tea in the oven here).

More tomorrow....x