Well that's the 'Blue Dog' finished. I have just published the final part of the latest in the Charles Doyle series. It's always a bit of a relief, but it has been a great exercise in writing. It took me quite a while to write the last part - the ending to any mystery is crucial -tryng to staisfy the reader and make logical conclusions to all the events that have happened. I hope I have managed to do that? It took me alot more words than I envisaged - over 5,000. I probably could have made this into a 10 part piece, but I promised the ending this week and I hate to disappoint. My next task will be to read through the whole thing again, but maybe after a weeks break so I can come afresh to it .
If you feel that something doesn't quite fit or not explained fully, then I would love to hear from you so i can put it right!

It's a good writing day today, raining that is although the dog is now looking at me and wanting a walk. I hope to start on another Doyle mystery soon... so watch this space!

Happy writing

Gail x
Well, a little bit later posting this week as I have been outdoors all day in the glorious sunshine. Bike ride this morning for about an hour. I must confess that I haven't been out on the bike for about 2 years so I hope its the first of many outings this year. I was a bit tired half way round so had to stop off for coffee and a fruit scone (no room for wimps on MY bike rides lol).
After that we walked the dog for an hour, then been in the garden for nearly 3 hours, packing away the detritus from winter and letting all the lovely spring growth come through (apart from the weeds that is).
I had a very productive writing week. It was my Mums 80th birthday on Wednesday so I managed to write Part 7 of the Charles Doyle mystery on the way there and Part 8 (final part) on the way back on Thursday which will be published a week today. I just have to do a bit more of the end to finish it off.
I think once it is all out there I will re-read it again as a whole and probably re-edit it...so any thoughts/critiques then please let me know. 
I hope all well with you and you are enjoying the sunshine and the simple things in life wherever you are. Happy reading and writing!

See you all next week.


Well, just uploaded Part 5 of the 'Curious Blue Dog' serial. I didn't manage to write this part until Friday due to work commitments and also coming down with the lurgy (well the common cold) and so didn't feel like doing anything much most of the week! I have found it a stimulating exercise and definitely one that has got me writing again. I have a few more ideas for short stories too and so I am hoping that I get a lot more writing done as spring approaches. Not as if it feels much like spring today, overcast and windy and rather grey as I look out of the window.

It seems that I have about 150 readers of the serial to date. As well as publishing on this website I have also uploaded onto Smashwords and Feedbooks.

It still amazes me that so many people from so many countries visit this website. In the last month we have had visits from 39 countries. What a great way of bringing people together.

Thank you all who continue to find this website of value and I hope you enjoy the stories and find some inspiration here.

Until next Sunday (when I will be yet another year older!) Now off to do the ironing. Fabulous!

Gail x
Well, that's Part 2 of 'The Blue Dog' published. The second part wrote itself quite quickly with a few changes and additions made by me yesterday afternoon (a nice quiet Valentine's afternoon ). There was an actual pub called 'The Blue Dog' in London in this era and the description in the story is from an actual chap who visited the pub at the time. 
It's funny, I had the title 'The Blue Dog' before I even knew what 'The Blue Dog mystery' was going to be about. It was only when I started 'googling' for Victorian references that the details of the pub came to me. 
I was also going to have 'Doyle' telephoning his friends, but the first real exchange in London wasn't introduced until later in 1902, but that led nicely to the train journey. I love where storytelling takes you when you start to research the facts, I know a story doesn't have to be factual, but it does give a period piece some authenticity and hopefully atmosphere.
Anyway, if you read it I hope that you enjoy it. Please feel free to leave your comments. I write these serialisations on a weekly basis to give me a base for a 'writing project' to force me to write at least a couple of thousand words a week.
I haven't even started thinking about part 3 as yet, but have some nice long train journeys to make this week, so if you see a strange woman scribbling away on a cross-country train -then its probably me!
Have a great week.

gail x
Well my dear friends. The 'Blue Dog' finally arrives after some internet access issues. Its always the same when you set yourself deadlines, its the things you can't control that come to annoy you, like access to wifi. Ha Ha. Anyway, its done now and there it is. I started writing this episode last Sunday and somehow deleted everything I had written on the Sunday night, so much anguished I spent the small hours of Sunday/Monday morning re-writing. I really didn't know where the story was going at that point and I have spent the evenings during the week trying to refine it, changing the story as new ideas come into my head, and changing other bits so they will make sense later on in the story. Its really a project to get me writing again, set a goal for the next 6-8 weeks to write an episode per week, and publishing it each Sunday gives me that added reason to meet my deadlines.
I hope you like it. It wont be perfect by any means and all comments appreciated.
Am on a health kick at the moment too, bought one of these Jaw Bone UP24 that monitors your steps and sleep and a whole host of things and gives you detailed reporting through an APP. I think its amazing and is giving me a real incentive to get up and be more active (it even reminds me when I have been at the computer for too long). The cheapest one at the moment is on Amazon at £69.99 -I have put a link to it on the home page if anyone is interested.
I've also been reading about white and brown fat today, really interesting and how cold showers burn the brown fat. So cold showers for me after exercising every morning (hot, then warm before cold...don't go straight for the cold!)

Well, I suppose I better start thinking about the next part of the 'Curious Case of the Blue Dog'.

Speak soon

Gail x
Well, it has been a while my friends but I am inspired to do a little writing of my own at the moment. Although I haven't been updating the site very much over the last few years we have still received thousands of visits per month and lots of feedback on a weekly basis.
 Unfortunately I don't have the time to open up the books to submissions of new work from authors just yet (maybe a competition later on?) but I am having a tinker with the old key board myself...dusting down the brain etc etc.

I have started a new page called Penny Dreadful. In 2012 I attempted to write a kind of Victorian serialisation with a  hero called Charles Doyle (Conan and Dickens?) based loosely on Sherlock Holmes. I have published this again 'Charles Doyle and the Case of The Midnight Terror'.

 I have started writing a new serialisation 'Charles Doyle and the Curious case of the Blue Dog', and the first part will be published this Sunday 8th February. It's a fun project for me as I have only just finished the first part (having deleted it from my computer on Sunday and having to re-write it!). I have no structure for the story and not sure how it will end yet, but I promise to publish a new part every Sunday for the next 6 - 8 weeks. Lets see how it goes.

Welcome to all new readers (and writers). My advice is to be daring and be bold. We ar'nt all going to make a living out of writing, so write for pleasure and get it out there :-). love to hear what people are working on right now.

And a big hello to anyone reading this on has been published on this site, would be nice to hear from you and i hope you are all still writing.

Gail x
Charity Christmas Short Stories
Hello once again to you all. I hope this finds you all well after nearly a year of being away from 5minutefiction.
I am glad to say that we still have 1000's of readers per month from all over the world and 90,165 downloads on Feedbooks to date.
I thought I would resurrect last years Christmas Story Advent this year - something for everyone - I also have some additional Xmas stories from previous Christmas advents and will be adding those throughout December. I know I am going to enjoy reading through these again.

I have added a donation button to the Home page for anyone who enjoys the website and can afford to give a bit this Christmas. All monies collected will be distributed to homeless charities in the North East of England via Wylam Housing Group.

Please feel free to enjoy the stories and may i take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas

Love Gail x
Dear Friends,
Well, I know it is ages since I last put a few words on here and no new stories and some of you have begun to worry if I am OK.

The anwer is yes, I am fine thank you, been a bit busy lately and perhaps overdoing it a little. That is why I will not be updating the website after today, not in the near future anyway. It has been fun and a pleasure to meet so many like minded people through the website and I would like to thank you all for your contributions and making the website the success it has been.
I need time now to do my own writing and unfortunately something has to give and it has to be the website for now.
As I say, it probably won't be forever so watch this space. The website will remain available for people to read the stories that are currently in the library.
I apologies to all of those who have submitted work and I haven't had the opportunity to respond or publish their work.

Good luck to you all I hope you continue to enjoy your writing and reading of short stories.
Until then my friends, this is not goodbye but a mere au revoir.

Love Gail x
Well, it's a week since I wrote on the blog. Christmas has flashed by quicker than Rudolph on steroids, the unwrapped presents are still sat in piles on the sofa and the flashing Christmas lights have given up the ghost (which is rather good in it's own way). So tonight is the last night to do all you wanted to in 2012, or there again we could wait for 2013?
I have half a turkey in the freezer and a fridge full of goodies for tomorrows celebrations (not to mention the sparkly already chilling).
It's been a funny old year on reflection. i can't really grumble. It just seems to have past by in such a hurry and I seem to have spent most of it sat at this laptop. More fresh air needed for 2013 me thinks and maybe a bit more variety :-))
I hope you all have a great New Years Eve and I join you in raising a toast to the New Year. Let's hope it's a great one for everyone.

Thanks for all your support in 2012.

Best Wishes

Gail x
I love Christmas Eve. To me it is the best part of Christmas, the build up, the anticipation. I suppose my feelings towards Christmas have changed over the years. I can only look back with fond memories at the small wide-eyed girl watching her mum baking on Christmas Eve. I don't think you can ever re-capture that childhood excitement and wonder of all that is Christmas. I often wonder if children feel the same today, or if technology has taken away some of that Christmas innocence. Probably not, children are children, whatever the era!
At Christmas these days I find myself a bit sentimental and thoughtful I suppose, reflecting on the past year and life to date in general.
May Christmas bring you and yours together, happiness love and peace.
They say you get the Christmas you deserve, let's hope it's a good one!

Gail x