I don't usually think about Christmas until December is here, and to be honest it is usually about the 20th of December when I start to get into the spirit of things. Don't get me wrong, I'm all in favour of Christmas. I will stand in front of Fenwicks shop window in Newcastle and cry my eyes out  with the best of you(I don't know why but I a getting really soft as I get older, and for those of you who don't know Newcastle Fenwicks Department store are famous for their Christmas window display, aimed at the kid in all of us).
It must be the Christma Competition and the Christmas e-book that has gotten me in the mood for all things festive. I better slow down or I will be all Christmassed out before December!
We have received well over 100 entries to the competition and they are still continuing to come today. The 2012 Christmas short story advent will be great this year.

But I move too quickly into the future. today we have a new author writing all the way from Hull, a big warm welcome to Nick Quantrill and I do hope you enjoy his story 'California Dreaming'.

On that note my lovelies, I do hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and are fully rested for the week ahead. if not, do as I do and have a nice large glass of red this evening :-)
Good evening all.
A bit later than planned tonight as I have been really busy all day (all week infact!) .Our new 5minutefiction Christmas Story Advent e-book should be available tomorrow  (24 stories from 2011 Christmas Advent) and I will be adding a link to the shop page and perhaps a banner to click on the 'Home' page.
Then of course we have our Christmas short story competition with closing date this Sunday.
We have received tons of entries this year, I am glad that so many of you have taken the time to enter and  I look forward to our 2012 Christmas Short Story Advent - a new story every day on the website throughout December.

Tonight we have a lovely story all the way from Australian author Crilly O'Neil and I do hope you enjoy reading it. A big warm welcome to Crilly (not that they need any more warmth in Australia!)

Sausages for tea tonight. What more could a girl want!

On that note i will leave you to your Friday frolicks and hope to see you all tomorrow...x
Morning Peeps,
Another Remembrance Sunday. It always strikes me how Remembrance Sunday always seems to be a sunny, bright and beautiful day, such a contrast to the grief and sorrow that underpins it.
The minutes silence, the Last Post is so deeply moving, yet the wars continue....
Today's story, which is a re-edited piece of my own is based on two pieces of fact. Firstly, my Uncle Ted was in the RAF in WW2 and was shot down, missing and presumed dead somewhere over France. He never saw his son Christopher.
And the second , my Mum bless her, has dementia.

And so I dedicate today's story to my Uncle Ted (who of course I never met), and my lovely Mum.

Lest we forget....x
Hello Peeps. Hope you are having a good weekend? Feels like a special day today 10/11/12.....I wonder what it will bring? Me thinks a good day for doing good things. 
 I am full of cold and lemsip but apart from that fine. A beautiful day today and hopefully it will stay fine tomorrow as I am hoping to have a good walk along the coast with the dog as long as his paw is better (poor Os in the wars again!)
I have been in Sheffield with my lovely Mum and family for a few days but back to my adopted and spiritual home of Newcastle later today.
Hope you are enjoying this weekends stories and don't forget our short story competition closes next weekend 18th November.
 More tomorrow...x
....the day that is not me Dear Reader(s). Hope you all well? It's been a very busy week indeed here at 5minute Towers and submissions and competition entries have been pouring in. We are also trying to finalise a Christmas e-book which I am hoping will go on sale in our shop and Amazon this weekend (if somebody gets their finger out!). I am also going to try and get the monthly newsletter out (I know..I know!)

Hope you enjoyed our Hallowe'en bit of fun and the accompanying music?
Brand new story today from the lovely Patsy Collins, something to kick start the weekend.

I suppose I better be getting on with some stuff...!
Speak to you tomorrow...........x
I hate to admit it but I am in a very grumpy mood today!  I am tired and I am not at my best and I have been grumbling all morning which is not like me (honest). poor man and dog are on best behaviour, which does make a change :-)
You see, already I am already starting to cheer myself up just by talking to you Peeps :-)
I have been volunteering at the Durham book Festival for the last 2 days and have had the pleasure of listening to some very intersting talks from Chris Mullin, Victoria Glendinning, Anne de Courcy, Joanna Blythman, Phillipa Perry, John -Paul Flintoff, Roman Krznaric, Tom Chatfield and Danielle Bye. Excellent stuff and very stimulating and lots of food for thought from many different authors and genres. After all that may have a small snooze later, so much for the extra hour!

Hope you enjoy today's tale from a new writer to 5minutefiction -Elspeth Graty...a big  warm welcome to Elspeth and I hope we hear lots more from her in the future.

Speak soon Peeps...x
Afternoon Peeps,
For those of you who read my tweetings I promised to write a new short story yesterday, and write it I did. Like most stories, it evolved into something quite different than I intended! I hope you enjoy the read anyway.
Lots of entries into the xma short story competition, so don't forget, just over a month to get in your entry, some lovely 'literary' themed prizes on offer .
Another lovely autumn day, I hope you enjoy wherever and whatever.

I will leave you with this picture of yours truly trying out the Nigella Liquorice Pudding recipe ...x
5minutefiction goes Nigelissima!
Hello Peeps, with a blog title like that, it can only mean one thing, I am going to attempt a Nigella recipe later today, complete with pout , fluttering eyelashes, and of course, lots of 'oozing', if I am allowed to say such things on the world-wide -web?
I am going to try the liquorice pudding (check Twitter later for the photo's in glorious technicolor!).
I apologise that this blog is sounding almost seedy, as I mentioned on Twitter this morning, all that whipped cream is affecting my judgement!

Anyway, back to world of short stories. We have a brand new author to 5minutefiction -A big warm welcome to Abigail Wyatt, I hope you enjoy her story 'Forbidden Fruit'!

On the look out for some frightful tales for Halloween, so if you have one, let me know.

Have a lovely Saturday and see you all tomorrow...x

Well Peeps, despite my protestations I have had mainly a 'job' doing day today. Cooking, cleaning, ironing, etc etc. It's now 18:00 and I still have to prepare for my travels tomorrow (and do my hair!).
'I'd like to be unhappy but  I never do get the time', well it sure keeps me out of mischief.

So to today's story 'Hardly, Hemingway', a great short piece by Alan Garth and I hope it brings  a smile to your face this Sunday evening!

Well, things to do, hair to wash etc, etc. Hope you have had a great weekend.
Back on Tuesday with the latest installement of 'Hard To Get To', so hope to see you then.

:-) ...x
The sky is flecked with gold and red this evening, 'Angel's Wings', as we used to say when we were kids.
A beautiful day altogether. Been out and about, catching up and buying nice foody type treats. Even the dog got something.
Cold now and will need to put the fire on soon.

Great new story by a new author to 5minutefiction - 'Memoirs of th West' By CarysJones. Check out her website too -details on the authors page. Welcome Carys!

Hoping tomorrow is going to be a potter day but I am sure there are some jobs to be done but maybe I will ignore them.

I might even get that newsletter sent out (steady)
But as Scarlett said, 'Tomorrow id another day'!'

Until then dear Readers...x